The Saint Louis Science Center Fun for All Ages

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The Saint Louis Science Center has a wide variety of exhibits that is constantly changing. Right now at this moment the highlighted exhibit is called Dinosaurs Unearthed. This exhibit is the largest exhibit that Saint Louis has ever hosted and it is filled with many different unique items. In this exhibit you will see fossils of dinosaurs, feathered covered dinosaur models, many life like sculptures. The exhibit will create a feeling that will transform you mind and make you feel as if you are actually in the same time period of the dinosaurs. This exhibit will excite your young children with animatronic life size dinosaur replicas. This exhibit is not included in the normal free admission to the Saint Louis Science Center but it costs $12.50 adult non member and $10.50 child non member.

The Saint Louis Science Center does have many great exhibits and hands on experiements that are included in the free admission to keep your whole family busy. You have to pay to park but other than that your whole family can get in free and have fun for the whole day. In the discovery room of the science center you can go and take your young children ages 3-7 to be young scientists. Children get to experiement with different properties like magnets, water experiments. The discovery room is great for the whole family to come together and discover nature and the world around us.

Don’t forget to check out the Omnimax theater within the science center. This theater is not like your normal movie theater it is unique and one of a kind. You have to pay for this experience it is not included in the free admission. It is free for members but non members pay $8.00 adult and $7.00 child or senior. The Omnimax theater is different because you do not just look straight forward like a normal movie theater does but you lie back in your seat. And then the movie turns on and it is all around you and above you on the dome shaped ceiling. This will make you feel as if you are running with the zebras in the African plains or flying through the air with the stars like an astronaut. This experience is well worth the money and lots of fun, I took my 8 month old in it and he actually loved it.


Travel A Good Place for Kids to Have Fun

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One of the first things I learned about being a parent is you’re going to make mistakes. One of the most recent of those mistakes for me was teaching my daughter to play tic tac toe. She loves the game so much our floor was littered with paper from her playing it.

Not wanting any more trees to die in vain, I searched the Web for an on-line version of the game. And, that’s when I discovered .

has become a nightly routine for my daughter and me. Rather than play a board game or color as a way to get her to settle down before bed, we instead sit in front of the computer playing games.

The site itself doesn’t look like it is well-designed. The graphics are a little weak and I found a few sections that don’t even work. But, the on-line games the site offers are both easy to play and are fun for both of us.

In addition to tic tac toe (which is actually a little too easy to win at) there are quite a few games that either give kids a chance to improve their hand eye coordination or to use their math skills.

For example, one of the games we played last night was called Bug on a Wire. That game gave you control over a bug that was running along electrical wires and you had to maneuver him to avoid awaiting crows. The longest we lasted on that game was a little over a minute.

On the same site, there’s another game that teaches basic multiplication skills by having you figure out how much you would owe if you bought a certain amount of eggs or apples at the given price. My daughter is a little too young for that one but I’m sure parents of older kids might find it useful. There are also a couple of memory games to choose from.

A couple of my daughter’s favorites are Dino Draw and Fish World. These aren’t really games as much as a way for her to work on her artistic side by creating a virtual fish tank or prehistoric valley by adding fish or dinosaurs to the picture. I think we’ve played those at least a dozen times each and she never grows tired of them.

Her other favorite is Hide and Seek, which involves her trying to locate a baby elephant hiding in a library.

If it’s a rainy day outside and you’re looking for something to keep your kids occupied for a while, is a site you should have listed in your favorites section.



Zeppelin Reunites and Other Fun Stuff in the News

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It is reported that Led Zeppelin will get back together for a single concert in London. Robert Plant is reportedly in talks with Jimmy Page to reform the group. Rumor has it that the group will jettison their long time bassist John Paul Jones and replace him with either Wolfie Van Halen or Danny Partridge. John Paul Jones, when reached at his job at a UK convenience store, refused comment.

Britney Spears will reportedly perform at tomorrow’s MTV Video Music Awards tomorrow. If early reports are any indication, her performance will be shocking, even by her standards, as it shows her changing a diaper BY HERSELF, putting her child in a car seat and actually buckling the straps, and staying with one man for more than 15 minutes.

Actors are renewing the debate about who actually wrote Shakespeare’s plays. Centuries of doubt about the true ownership of the plays has resulted in the definitive conclusion that his plays were written by 1000 monkeys locked in a room in collaboration with Danielle Steele.

Michigan lost its second game in a row, , this time to Oregon. Things are looking up for the team though, as it hopes to keep it close against its next opponent, a Pop Warner Team of 10 Year-Olds in Indiana.



How to Enjoy a Cold Beer: Fun Things to Do with Beer

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America and the world at large love affair with beer dates back 4000 years before Jesus Christ was born.

Before the 1800’s beer was better known as Ale, this is also when the modern era of brewing of bottled beer began.

This article does not delve into the history of beer, it is more so a fun guide on how to enjoy a cold beer, and the fun things to do with beer that will enhance your taste buds, in addition to creating memorable beer recipes.

Domestic and Imported beers have evolved throughout the years, and have gotten much better by means of brewing techniques, in addition to microbreweries. It does not matter if you are about the town or entertaining guest; enjoying a cold beer does not have to be the everyday run of the mill alcoholic beverage. Within this article I will list some creative ways on how to enjoy a cold beer, and hopefully any one reader that browses through this article will come to appreciate the many ways a cold beer can be enjoyed.

Zest of Life: To spice up your cold beer, I recommend a frozen tall beer glass first and foremost. A pinch or two of bitters is a great way to spice up any cold beer.

A Touch of Heaven: For the ultimate rush, add a teaspoon of Roses Lime Juice, and 1 thin slice of lemon and lime to a 24oz. frosted mug or tall beer glass.

A Walk on the Wild Side: For those beer drinkers, who wish to add a little bold flavor to a Yuengling beer, add 1 slice of lemon, 1 slice of lime, and a slash of ginger ale. Preferably, the darker ales make a better choice; the flavor is a wonderfully extraordinary experience.

Sweet Desire: For fruit lovers, raspberries, dried cranberries, and blackberries add a new dimension of taste to a beer. The first time that I experimented with this, it was actually by accident. On one particular summer weekend, by mistake, a couple raspberries feel into my Michelob beer while I was making a fruit salad for my family and friends. I decided to leave the raspberries in the beer, lo and behold, the taste was simply wonderful, and yes, I did eat the fruit after I finished my brew. Any one of the three fruits can be added directly to a tall glass of beer, the fruits will accommodate any beer, and it is a fun way to enjoy a cold beer.

Hope these cold beer drink recommendations liven up your beer drinking experience, cheers to a new year of enjoying a cold beer during any time of the year.



Gulf Beach in Milford, CT is Fun

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At Gulf Beach in Milford, CT you will have so much that you will not want to leave. Keep in mind that to access this beach it is free, no fees, so right off the bat that sounds really good. When you get to the Gulf Beach you will want to arrive early or later in the afternoon to avoid traffic. By going later in the afternoon many people will be leaving to go home for dinner so you will get a good spot.

Once you are there get ready for some fun in the sun. There is an access pier at Gulf Beach and you will some fantastic pictures of the views on there. Be sure that you have your camera and your binoculars handy. You will really need them. When you are on the access pier you will be able to do some fishing, which is nice way to spend some time and you will also have a great view of Charles Island. There are also walking trails if you want to take a stroll when you are at the Gulf Beach. You will really relax and enjoy yourself in so many ways when you are on this beach, so have a great time.

On this beach there are restrooms for your convenience and there are picnic areas and a concession stand for when you get hungry. Packing a picnic is always a good idea when you are going to the beach and then if you need anything else you can stop at concession stand and get it. It will be something that you will like having on a beach, so use it if you want to.

There is a lot to do when you are at Gulf Beach and you will also want to bring along all your beach gear. Include a kite and other things to make your day complete. Do not forget the suntan lotion, sunglasses and your sun hat and umbrella if you need one. You will have an exceptional time, so make sure that you plan it into your day and have fun with all there is to do when you are at the Gulf Beach in Milford, CT. Everyone in your group will have a wonderful time when you are visiting this beach, so make the very most of the time that you will have there. It will be a great afternoon.