Menewsha, Fun New Online Avatar Community

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Menewsha is an online avatar community that was founded in January of 2007, and has grown a lot since. It is in its Alpha stages now, but you can still do a lot of fun things there!

The sidebar of the website is easy to navigate, and contains most of the links you will need. Other useful links are easy to find also, they are located underneath the well drawn banner that is on every page. Menewsha has very good artists working for them, the art around the site is very nice and professional looking.

One of the cool things you can do on the site is create your own customized avatar to use that will represent you on the forums. You are able to choose your avatars hair, eyes and mouth.There are plenty of choices and they are all very well drawn and fun to choose from. You have the option to change these as many times as you want, for no gold, so don't worry about it if you like more than one of the styles of features. Once you choose your avatars features, you can look through the shops to see what clothes you will want in the future, seeing as your avatar is only in their underwear now! I find this good though, because unlike websites that give you starter clothes, at Menewsha you have to work to get gold to buy your first clothes! There are different ways to get gold, currently there is the card game and posting on the forums. If you are playing the card game you can bet your gold and pick a card. If you pick the right card you get double your gold, but if you pick the wrong card, you lose your gold. At the forums, it's less risky trying to get gold. All you have to do there is post! You will find that you get caught up in conversations and make new friends, soon you will have a bunch of gold without even realizing it! With almost 2000 users and many forums to post on you are sure to find someone you get along with! You might even find someone you know, because a lot of people (like me) hop from avatar community to avatar community! Don't forget to post on the newbies forum, when you are a newbie. There will be a ton of people waiting to welcome you!

Now, once you have posted on the forums and played cards until you have enough money, you are ready to buy clothes. It's lots of fun looking through the eight stores of Menewsha that carry all sorts of pixel clothes and cool things in search of the perfect outfit. If you don't find what you want the first time you look, don't worry, either the artists will put something new and fancy in the shop that will catch your eye, or when you go on the forums, you will see another persons avatar wearing something that you like, but didn't seem to see when you were looking through the shops. Looking at other peoples avatars is a good way to imagine how something in the shops would look on your avatar, since there dosn't seem to be a preview feature in the shops yet.

Don't forget to make a bank account also, once you get enough money to do so that is. You can earn a 5% monthly interest rate on gold that you have in the bank.

Journals are an interesting feature of Menewsha. You can make a journal, read other peoples journals and even comment on their journal posts.There are lots of people telling interesting stories in their journals, why not join in?

You will notice that there is a trading link on your sidebar as well. From here you can check out your trading activity that you have been doing with all of the items in your inventory.

So, as you can see, there are tons of fun things to do and many friends to make at Menewsha! Hope to see you there soon!



She’s the Man is a Fun Movie!

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I’m a huge Amanda Bynes fan. She is cute. She is smart. She is funny. Most of all, she is actually an excellent role model for today’s youth. We can’t say that about most of her cohorts in Hollywood. So whenever she makes a new movie, I’m there! Her most recent film “She’s the Man,” is absolutely delightful.

In a very loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” this movie centers on Viola (Bynes), a high school teenager who is a bit of a jock. She is, in fact, her soccer team’s secret weapon. However, when the girl’s soccer team is eliminated from her school, Viola asks to try out for the boy’s team. Much to her chagrin, the coach turns her down. To add insult to injury, her boyfriend laughs at the suggestion. However, as it happens Viola’s twin brother Sebastian (played by James Kirk) who also plays soccer, decides to go to London with his band instead of starting school at the beginning of the year, So Viola decides to disguise herself as her brother and attend his private school. She is convinced that, if she can show the coach that she can play as well as the boys, her school coach might let her play on her school’s team.

Having not through the entire process thoroughly, it doesn’t occur to Viola that she might fall for a jock at her brother’s school. She, of course, does just that; in this case a boy named Duke (played by Channing Tatum). She even ends up being assigned as Duke’s roommate, which of course opens up a whole new can of worms and many delightful situations that are jam-packed with hilarity. As luck would have it, though, Duke has a crush on Olivia (played by Laura Ramsey) – – the most beautiful girl in school – – who, in turn, has a crush on Sebastian (Viola’s disguised self). At first she tries to help Duke land the girl of his dreams. He, in turn, helps her to become an ever better soccer player. However, as time goes on, Viola realizes that she wants her roommate for herself. That is when all of the real fun begins; further egged on when Sebastian comes back from London two days early to discover that his sister has taken over his life.

The script, written by Ewan Leslie, Karne Mcullah Lutz, and Kirsten Smith is certainly fun. However, the concept is obviously nothing new. Many movies have dealt with the subject of gender switching with one of the most notable being the 1985 film “Just One of the Guys.” This is just a slightly rehashed version of an age-old concept. Likewise, I didn’t feel anything new or find anything exciting about the direction of the film, which had Andy Frickman at the helm.

The star of this film is Bynes. She has so much talent, energy, natural charm, and effervescence that you are forced to wonder if there is anything this girl cannot do. She is amazingly adept at physical comedy, which is reminiscent of the late Lucille Ball in her early years on the big screen. She brings her entire arsenal of tricks to this role and tackles it with full force, making her just about irresistible.

Tatum was competent in the role of Duke but didn’t really offer anything special in his performance. Although he really had little screen time, Kirk took advantage of the time he had and showed an easy comedic talent as well. Likewise, Ramsey’s Olivia was fun to watch with a natural vulnerability that played well for her character.

The adult roles were all handled deftly by Julie Hagerty, as the clueless mother of the twins; Vinnie Jones who lends authenticity as the soccer coach; and David Cross who makes the most of his clueless headmaster role.

I loved this movie. I laughed often and I laughed loud. It was just plain funny and lots of fun! I give it four out of five stars; mostly just for the delightful Amanda Bynes alone.

“She’s the Man” is 105 minutes in length and carries a PG-13 rating for some sexual situations. It is a DreamWorks Picture in conjunction with Empire Movies.



How to Look like Britney Spears: A Full, Fun and Humorous Guide

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I know there are still a few Britney Spears fans out there, or is it Britney Spears Federline, or Britney K-Fed Spears.. whatever… I know her name is probably changed now after the divorce and what not. Teehee.

So come one, come out, come out, wherever you are, you Britney fans, read up man, I'm about to help you get Britney's look with just a few sleazy steps. It's easy really, and not only that, it's cheap!

First go get a pen, write this down…or hey, use your brain and use the printer…that is, if you have one.

  1. Well first you're going to have to sacrifice. Are you sure you are willing to sacrifice yourself for this transformation process? If you can answer yes, than the first thing you need to do is bic shave your head. That's right, every last lock. Then donate it. Yup. It's for a good damn cause, so don't be so selfish! Britney donated hers…so she said anyway.

-So you got that done, all shaved and looking good and sexy. God it's such a freeing feeling right?

  1. Now your bald and beautiful, but no one wants to look at your dome piece, it's probably all bump and ugly right? Of course it is, fear not though because the next step is a fun step. Wig shopping! Yes! Now I know most of you reading this are not rich and cannot afford human hair (yes Britney, it sort of defeats the purpose to donate your human hair, then you yourself go out and purchase a bunch of human hair wigs. LOL. You animal, you), so those who cannot afford it, regular Halloween wigs will work fine too. You can get some nice pieces, especially roun' this time of year.

-You got your wigs now right? Blond ones, brown ones, black ones, in all different lengths? Okay, good, good…we can now move to step 3.

  1. You now need a hat to hold that wig on, and you want the one that Britney wears right!? Of course you do. So get in the car, ride to Walmart and buy that cheap $9.00 Corona cowboy hat. It comes pre-burnt and dirty looking. However you want to get the real Britney effect, so when you buy it rub it in the dirt outside; try avoiding bubble gum. Now place the hat upon your wig. Wowie, look at you, you're almost there…now to work on the neck down.
  2. You have to wear makeup like Brit-Brit now. So go back into Walmart…barefoot of course… and now we need some clothes. Hmmm… a pair of jeans 3 sizes too small, a thong, a giant sleeveless night gown, a jean skirt, and a pair of spandex is what you will need.

First take the spandex and cut holes in them, around the butt, the knees and thighs. Shred it up… nice and good. Now take the jeans and cut them up into an underwear shape, so only a thread in between the crotch hold them together. Put these over the ripped up spandex, and throw on the night gown. That is one look you can work with.

The skirt should be worn with the thong…but we bought these just so people 'think' we wear underwear. The thong is just a decoy. You however, are to throw these panties out when you get home. The skirt is to be worn with no panties silly! You know, so you can flash everyone and their fathers; your swollen nasty vagina. Make sure you stop quickly for photo opportunity's.

  1. Shoes…. nope. If you want to be the real Britney deal, shoes are optional. She likes walkin' round everywhere barefoot, bathrooms especially.
  2. Next you are going to have to get some makeup! If you have a clear face, and don't have herpes, rub some vegetable oil on your face. It won't be long till you are sporting these red swollen bumps on your face. Like Britney. Now that you have the bumps, time to doll them up. Rub globs of cover-up over them, put on some lipstick so it's on your teeth and hanging off of the side of your mouth (to resemble Brit's ketchup incident). Next smear on globs of black eye liner, then splash your face with water…that way the eye liner runs. Perfecto! You are looking good now huh!? The resemblance is uncanny!
  3. Now that you have the look down to a tee, it's time to make a you tube video. First get drunk, and take some happy pills, and then move close up to the camera and tell why you love people and life so much, and why you are blessed. Do it in a very fake valley girl like accent.

Don't you feel sexy now?! Don't you look just like Britney now?!

I know, try not to thank me too much.



Best Louisville, KY Kids Spots: Puzzle’s Fun Dome

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Puzzles Fun Dome is a great Louisville kids spot if you want to get the kids out of the house, especially on a rainy day.

Puzzle’s Fun Dome claims to be Kentucky’s largest indoor fun park. This Louisville kids spot is open Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 9 pm, Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm, and on Sundays from 11 am to 9 pm. During the week, children 2 and up can obtain general admission tickets for $6.99 and $9.99 on the weekends. General Admission only includes the art room, toddler area, movie room and inflatables. If children want to enjoy the other attraction, it is suggested that they purchase Big Kid Combo tickets which are $12.99 on weekdays and $15.99 on weekends.

Located at 11530 Bluegrass Parkway, Puzzle’s Fun Dome is a large open building with about 7 different inflatable slides, playgrounds and moonwalks. They have a smaller play area on the second level for smaller children with things like puzzles, playhouses, and toys. The art room contains paper, crayons, glue, and many other tools for children to be creative with. The movie room is a miniature movie theater with movie theater seating and children’s movies can be seen at any time, unless it is reserved for a party.

If you only purchased general admission tickets, there will be an extra fee of $3.50 to enjoy the other attractions. Other attractions include 20 minutes in the cosmic hoops room, which is a basketball court that glows under black lights with upbeat music playing. Another attraction is 2 climbs on the indoor rock climbing wall. Children can put on their harness and challenge themselves to reach the top and ring the bell. Another attraction, located right in the middle of the building is a miniature golf course. The combo tickets allow for unlimited miniature golf. There is also a build a bear machine available for an extra fee. If your kids enjoy games, there is a small arcade with some video games and other games that kids can play for tickets that they can trade in for a prize. If the kids get hungry, there is also a concession stand that serves items like pizza, hot dogs and nachos.

Puzzle’s Fun Dome also has group rates, team building events, and birthday parties. For more information on this Louisville Kids Spot, you can call 502-261-7144 or visit .



Grimm Movie is Lots of Fun!

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What a fun movie! I’ll bet Stephen King really liked it! It had everything a whacky horror story should have: creepy monsters, werewolves, magic looking glasses, enchanted towers, scary witches, bugs, glass slippers, a haunted forest, copious spider webs and more! It was completely silly, mostly plotless, and just lots of laughs.

Matt Damon and Heath Ledger have good chemistry as The Brothers Grimm. They are operating outside of their usual type-casts, and it works well. It’s good to see that these two can joke around and have a good time with a bit of slapstick.

The basic plot is that the Brothers Grimm are con artists who go from village to village eradicating imaginary ghosts and such. They are sentenced to death by the French general who has control over the German villages, but then it is discovered that one village may actually be haunted. So the brothers are sent (along with the General’s chief torture artist, Cavaldi, played by Peter Stormare) to look into the matter and see if they can get rid of the offending haunts.

Lots of fumbling and bumbling and scary monsters (I liked the haunted horse that wrapped the child up in spider web and swallowed her whole best!) ensue. There are many clever and silly references to fairy tales. For example, the brothers clean their cottage wearing bonnets and aprons, and a witch knocks on the door to offer them an apple. A crow falls into the well and emerges as a sludge monster that becomes a spooky gingerbread man. Toads are kissed, mirrors are consulted, the sleeping queen’s bed is stacked high with mattresses (under which a pea is hidden, no doubt!) And so on.

My one criticism of the movie is that the character played by Stormare seemed to be an intentional imitation of Roberto Benigni! I found it annoying as it made me wish throughout that it actually was Roberto Benigni! I don’t know if he was approached for the part or not, but for me, the obvious imitation of him really detracted from the film. I think Stormare would have done a lot better to take a different approach. This approach makes it look as if he doesn’t have his own style or comedic ability.

Many reviewers panned this film and said that it just wasn’t worthy of Terry Gilliam, but I really think they were taking it far too seriously. True, it did not have the usual look of a Terry Gilliam film, and I was pleasantly surprised to see his name at the end. My first reaction was, “Finally, Terry Gilliam has made a movie that makes a little bit of sense!” When I looked back on it, I could definitely see his influence in the elaborate and bizarre instruments of torture and the abattoir effect of the combined kitchen/torture chamber! The haunted tower and creepy trees and surrealistic French dinner party also definitely bore his mark. But this movie moved along at a brisk pace, and I did not once find myself wishing he’d just get on with it as I have during every one of his other films.

I think this movie marks a point of maturity and positive restraint for Gilliam. Indeed, in the interviews in the Special Features, he seemed more established and sure of himself than I have ever seen him in interviews. Peter Stormare commented that Gilliam “…wants to work under the flag of joy!” I think that showed through in the movie. I recommend this movie and give it 4 out of 5 stars just for fun!