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How Can You Make a Website and Have Fun

Posted by Frederick Parker on

So many companies consider their website a burden, as it does not bring many visitors and also comes with many costs. Well, they might solve this problem with a substantial initial investment for a good website, as this will save money with maintenance later.

This is the problem of traditional companies, which were used to do their business without the help of the internet. If you are a young entrepreneur that is just making his way in an industry or niche, building the website of the company might even be fun.

But I don’t know how to code…

You have your business plan ready, and it includes a website. You probably don’t have the budget to hire a web designer, so you will have to create the online presence of your firm by yourself. Luckily, the internet gives you a lot of tools, some of them being even fun to learn and use.

You have to search for the online that will also give you a friendly and intuitive interface to manage your site. Only this way, you can make website design fun.

Elements of an excellent hosting package:

  • Domain – the name of your domain is controlled and kept by the company where you buy it from. You are the owner of the domain for a fixed term, and you have to renew it if you want to continue to have the rights to use the domain
  • DNS hosting – it is the server which transforms the domain name into an IP address. Internet works on IPs, so your website could not function online without it.
  • – it is the service where your website lies, so many things are notable about the service, such as the speed of the server and the bandwidth. The most reliable web hosting companies also offer automated updates and technical support whenever required.
  • Email – you should be able to create email addresses associated with your domain. These addresses also work as IPs, and they are stored on hard disks, so it is another element of the hosting package.

You can find all these components of hosting with one provider or a different one, but we strongly recommend a complete company that offers them all in tailored packages. This way, you will only pay for what you are using, and you can also update your packages as your business grows and starts making profits.

Shared hosting – the most popular , where the resources of a server are offered in common to a few hundred users. Yes, you might think this is the prerequisite for mix-ups and problems, but the new servers eliminated this problem. It is more accessible, as you pay a small sum, and it is also easier to use.

is an intermediary package that works both as shared and as a dedicated server. Practically, the physical server is divided into several virtual ones, and those are offered to webmasters.

Private servers are an advanced solution for high traffic websites, which need the reliability and safety of their own servers.