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VirtualNes.com Is a Fun Place to Play Even More Vintage Nintendo Games

Posted by Frederick Parker on

I have been cruising EBay and Craigslist for months now trying to find a great deal on a NES system so I could play all of my favorite past time games but now I have found another site dedicated to emulation of NES games. The site is and it has 500 NES games for you to choose from and it has some of my all time favorite games that didn't have. Since the discovery of this totally free site I have abandoned all plans of buying a NES system, why spend $50 bucks and only get a few games and an old system when I can play all of my favorites on my computer at home?

The website is very simplistic and easy to use. Once you get to the site first thing I would do is click on the option that says Public Terminal Mode, once you click it the option will be set to on. This makes sure that your machine will be able to load the Java virtual machine in the window, for some reason Microsoft blocks it and this option will make it work properly. Otherwise if you leave this option off then you might see a page that says page can not be loaded, if you click on a game and this happens then come back to the home page and toggle this to on. You shouldn't have any other issues once this is turned to the on position.

You also have the option to turn the sound off if you want, I guess in case you are playing a loud game or don't know how to work your computers sound, what ever the reason they have included this option. Once you have your options set then you can go to the games, I stick mainly to the English language games because I am more familiar with them. What ever game link you click on will bring you to a long list of games you can play, now you just have to make the difficult decision of which game you want to play first!

I was impressed with the selection of games they have, I found so many that didn't have and was very pleased with some that I wanted to play badly but the other website didn't have. gets an A+ for game selection.

So next I was wondering if the quality of the games would be as good as and I have to say that the games are actually more impressive. Most of the screens are larger than at and game play didn't ever freeze, which was a common problem I had with . The quality is by far better here at compared to and I am going to stick to this site for most of my NES gaming from now on.

The games load so fast it's amazing, I mean I know the Nintendo was only an 8-bit system but still other sites that offer emulation of these games don't load nearly as well. The game play is always steady and I love this site for just killing time during the day or night. To use you will need a computer that has internet of course, and very minimal system requirements. Just a mere 192 MB of RAM and a Pentium 3 or better processor, so it's not heavy on system resources.

The website also has a forum and a help page incase you run into issues or just want to discuss the website. In the help section there is an extensive FAQ with some answers to common questions and a place to request a game be added to . There is also a section where you can donate to because as they state on their website hosting fees get expensive for a site like this and to keep it free to all the users. So think about a possible donation before you start to play or after if you are as impressed with the site as I was.

This is a very impressive site with hundreds of my favorite games from my childhood past, I have spent hours here playing games and Re-Learning how to win them. I didn't remember excite bike being this hard! I have had lots of fun here and hope you all will too, it's a great way to reminisce about your past and relive those childhood memories, also teach these young punks what real games were like! My cousin can take in Madden 2007 but he can't stop be and Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl!

Have fun playing the games and be sure to check out if you can't find a title you like at . So don't waste your money buying an old NES when you can play almost any game you can think of right on your home computer!