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Mountain Fun Game Center

Posted by Frederick Parker on

As college students, my husband and I are constantly looking for places that are affordable and fun at the same time. We have two toddlers so it is very hard to find a place that we can all enjoy or where our kids can run around without worrying about being loud. There are a lot of parks around Provo where we can take the kids but sometimes we just get tired of the sun, or the cold if it is winter, and even if we don’t get tired of being out, Utah’s weather sometimes forces us to look for indoor activities.

In our search for indoor fun, we found a place that we really like located in the University Mall in Orem. Mountain Fun Game Center is a place full of games for parents and kids to play. It is a little pricey if you go from Tuesday to Saturday, but Mondays are made for families. In addition, the games available are not the classic oldies but they have a huge variety of modern and innovated options.

If you go on a Monday afternoon, they have a deal where buy a $10 card and they give you a card with 20 games completely free. The interesting thing that makes this deal worth it, it that the 20 games include any game in the entire place, including the really pricey ones like deal or no deal that normally cost $2. If you play deal or no deal 20 times or another $2 game, by the end of the night you will have received $40 worth of playtime “FREE”.

Another fact that makes this a good deal is the fact that you do collect tickets from the games you play with your free card. It is very easy to earn a lot of them in many of the machines so it is very possible that you will end up with more than 400 tickets at the end of the night.

I know what you are thinking “What is the point of having tickets if the prices that you can get in arcades are lame?” In Mountain Fun, the have a big variety of prices that you can get with your tickets. Many little toys, candy, balls, tea sets for mom, and lots more. Your kids will enjoy seeing all the goodies they can get and will not cry when it is time to leave because they will be distracted with their fun little souvenir.

Mountain Fun Game Center
575 University Pkwy Suite M220 Orem
Orem, UT 84097



Putting the Fun Back in Coaching

Posted by Frederick Parker on

Recently, I had the opportunity to watch one of my best friends coach his high-school baseball team in the State Baseball Tournament. The thing that I came away most impressed with of Jerry’s team was that his team looked like it was having an extra ordinary amount of fun while playing together. There were kids smiling, laughing and joking with each other, but at the same time they were being ultra competitive too. I contrasted this to the other team that I saw playing and the players looked tense and general didn’t look like they were having a very good time.

Is it possible to be competitive and at the same time have a good time too? I think it definitely is and all of this starts with the attitude of the head coach. I was fortunate to have a lot of great coaches a long the way, but the ones I admired the most were the ones who not only knew the game in and out, but also made sure that there players were having fun too. As you age wins and losses kind of fade and you realize the things that you remember the most about athletic competition were the people you met along the way and the fun that you had. If your coaches concentrated solely on winning, you probably aren’t going to have a lot of great memories.

How can a coach instill competivness in his or her athletes yet still let them have fun? I don’t think that you have to do extraordinary things to do this, but you do have to make some type of effort. Here are a few of my suggestions to motivate players and bring the element of fun back into practice and games.

Role Reversal

One of the simplest things that you can do is having your players switch positions during practice. In football, we use to have our lineman and receivers reverse roles. Have you ever seen a large offensive lineman running and out and up pattern or having a small split-end hit the seven man blocking sled? Not only do the players enjoy doing this, players also get a better understanding of what their teammates are doing at their position.

Players VS Coaching Staff

Players like to see that their coaches are human too and building some type of competition between the coaching staff and players can bring fun back into sports too. We use to have a baseball coach who use to get into a fungo hitting competition with the players and the players just loved it.

Practice Theme

Occasionally at practice we might have a theme like Hawaii short night where all the players and coaches wore bright colored shirts.

Community Service

What better way to have fun then giving something back to your community. Kids love all types of clinics and if you can have high-school and college age students work with the kids the more they will enjoy. It is not only a great way to instruct kids, but a way for the players to have fun and build team unity.

All of these things that I have listed are above are just simple things that you can incorporate in your season to help your athletes have more fun. In the age of select teams and year round training make sure that you are still incorporating that element of fun into your coaching philosophy. The coaches that do this will certainly add to the experience for their athletes.



Find the Main Idea: Fun Ideas for Third Graders

Posted by Frederick Parker on

Third graders are ready for a challenge. Teach them how to find the main idea of a paragraph to help build reading comprehension. The main idea is the most important part of a story, all the other sentences are details. Third-grader are also full of energy. Mix up desk work with some fun alternatives to the text book, pencil and paper. As they begin to navigate more complex concepts and ideas find ways to fully engage their senses to keep them engaged in the learning process.

Debate and Vote
Tell a story. Ask four or five children to come up with what they think the main idea of the story might be. Write their answers on the board. Have these students defend their main idea to the class. Students can then take a vote to see which main idea seems the most plausible.

Arts and Crafts
Create an art project or craft pertaining to the main idea of the lesson the class is learning. Art could be as simple as drawing a picture to illustrate the main idea. A craft can be a clay creation.

Prepare a game to help students recall the sequence of events in a story. After placing all the cards highlighting different events in order, ask a student to pull out the main idea of the story. The cards can be student-prepared to save time. The process of making the game will help the student recall the story and main idea.

Group Projects
Separate students into small groups. Assign each group the task of putting on a presentation related to the main idea being studied. Students can act out the pivotal moment in a story, or use visual aids to prepare a mock commercial stressing the importance of the main idea. For example, if the main idea is, “Safety First,” then students can prepare an infomercial type report emphasizing that point.

Becoming skilled at finding the main idea will continue to serve third graders throughout their life. Quickly finding the main idea on standardized test questions will greatly increase overall scores.



How to Enjoy a Cold Beer: Fun Things to Do with Beer

Posted by Frederick Parker on

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America and the world at large love affair with beer dates back 4000 years before Jesus Christ was born.

Before the 1800’s beer was better known as Ale, this is also when the modern era of brewing of bottled beer began.

This article does not delve into the history of beer, it is more so a fun guide on how to enjoy a cold beer, and the fun things to do with beer that will enhance your taste buds, in addition to creating memorable beer recipes.

Domestic and Imported beers have evolved throughout the years, and have gotten much better by means of brewing techniques, in addition to microbreweries. It does not matter if you are about the town or entertaining guest; enjoying a cold beer does not have to be the everyday run of the mill alcoholic beverage. Within this article I will list some creative ways on how to enjoy a cold beer, and hopefully any one reader that browses through this article will come to appreciate the many ways a cold beer can be enjoyed.

Zest of Life: To spice up your cold beer, I recommend a frozen tall beer glass first and foremost. A pinch or two of bitters is a great way to spice up any cold beer.

A Touch of Heaven: For the ultimate rush, add a teaspoon of Roses Lime Juice, and 1 thin slice of lemon and lime to a 24oz. frosted mug or tall beer glass.

A Walk on the Wild Side: For those beer drinkers, who wish to add a little bold flavor to a Yuengling beer, add 1 slice of lemon, 1 slice of lime, and a slash of ginger ale. Preferably, the darker ales make a better choice; the flavor is a wonderfully extraordinary experience.

Sweet Desire: For fruit lovers, raspberries, dried cranberries, and blackberries add a new dimension of taste to a beer. The first time that I experimented with this, it was actually by accident. On one particular summer weekend, by mistake, a couple raspberries feel into my Michelob beer while I was making a fruit salad for my family and friends. I decided to leave the raspberries in the beer, lo and behold, the taste was simply wonderful, and yes, I did eat the fruit after I finished my brew. Any one of the three fruits can be added directly to a tall glass of beer, the fruits will accommodate any beer, and it is a fun way to enjoy a cold beer.

Hope these cold beer drink recommendations liven up your beer drinking experience, cheers to a new year of enjoying a cold beer during any time of the year.



Beach Fun Using a Roll of Streamers and a Sprig of Artificial Flowers for a Centerpiece for Your Table

Posted by Frederick Parker on

When you are at the beach and planning an outing you will want to make sure that you table looks nice. It makes a huge difference when you are working so hard to cook your food and when you have a great looking table it really make a difference. Enjoy the water, the sand, the sun and the fun when you are picnicking at the beach.

Here are some great ideas to make your table look great and with items that you probably already have sitting around in your home. For these ideas you will need some rolls of streamers. Yellow, blue and green are great beach colors and will give your table the outdoor feel. You will also need some sprigs of artificial flowers or small artificial palm trees.

To make these great centerpieces for your table or to put around your beach blanket you will need to set the streamer rolls down flat. Inside the hole in the center you will want to put the artificial flowers or palm trees. These make the cutest little centerpieces and they are really inexpensive and easy to make. You can still use the streamers later when you have a party or need to decorate for an outing, but in the meantime you can put them to use as centerpieces when you are at the beach or elsewhere for a picnic.

Other tips for great tables at a beach picnic or other even is to have the plastic reusable tablecloths. You can either wipe them off and save them for another time or you can reuse them, too. It is often a good idea to have a place matte at each person’s setting because it will make clean up a lot easier. Try and use as many paper products and throw away utensils and other items that you can. This also makes for easy clean up and less to carry back to the car after your picnic. Another great idea for a picnic on the beach or outing is to bring some fancy glasses for a cheers. At the beginning of the meal it is always nice to cheers the cooks and the gatherers so bring some along. Just make sure to wash them out before you transport them back home. You will also want to bring pretty baskets to put things such as buns, plates and utensils in. These also help to dress up your table and keep things organized. Use old Easter baskets and tie
pretty ribbons around the handles. Put chips and other snacks in them, too. Get creative, so that you not only enjoy your time at the beach, but the time you sit at the table eating your meal. It makes it all the more enjoyable.

Having a picnic is always wonderful. Most picnics are held during the warmer months, but don’t forget that all year long you can and should enjoy a picnic. Keep your picnic basket in your car and then you can have one just about anytime of the year.