How to download YouTube videos on iPhone and Android?

Youtube is an excellent tool for watching videos but what if you need to download them for offline use? Do you need to put some extra legwork if you want to watch those youtube videos without a wi-fi connection? Well, it’s a little tougher on the iPhone and includes various extra steps than Android, but it’s a lot safer. Although there’s only one Youtube-approved way to download videos legally, you can always use the free and safe third-party tools we have listed below. facil Here’s how you can download Youtube videos on iPhone and Android. We have saved the safest and only legal way for the end.

Let’s start with the simpler one – Android.

TubeMate Youtube Downloader

TubeMate is a free third-party app that lets you download Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion videos for free instantly. Here’s how you can download youtube videos using TubeMate

1) It’s not available on Google Play store and needs to be downloaded from third-party websites as an APK file.

2) Open the app and search the video you are looking for. TubeMate features an online catalog of all videos on Youtube and other streaming services.

3) Tap the download button

4) Select the video quality and format.

5) Tap the red download button

6) Using the small download icon at the bottom of the app, you can find the downloaded video. Extract it to your device, rename it and delete it whenever you want.


Using Y2mate youtube downloader is an indirect method but you save yourself from the hassle of downloading an app from a third-party website. Y2mate is a website that lets you download videos from Youtube to your computer, after which you can transfer it to your Android device. You could also open the Y2mate website on your Android phone or tablet using a web browser like chrome.

1) Visit

2) Enter the URL of the youtube video or search for the video

3) Choose the video quality and tap on the download

4) If you are using a computer to download, select .mp4 format and save it to your computer.

5) Using a USB or third-party tools, transfer the youtube video to your Android device.

How to download Youtube videos on iPhone/iPad?

Here it gets trickier. You can use several software tools that runs on a computer or one that lets you download directly to the iPhone. Here are a few tools you an use for downloading youtube videos to your iphone.

  • ClipGrab – Free software to download videos to your computer. You have to then transfer files from the computer to your iPhone. Works with Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Replay Media Catcher – Paid software that again lets you download videos to your computer. It’s safer and works with Windows and Mac
  • Shortcuts – App that converts videos to MP4 files and downloads directly to iphone. Yes that’s right. You don’t need a computer here.

Shortcuts app

All thanks to a Reddit user, Varoeldurr who created several Siri Shortcuts including this app we are going to use. This app run on iOS 12 or above only so make sure you upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 12 if you are not.

1) Download the shortcuts app from App store (you’d have it if you have used workflows)

2) Click on this page on your iPhone and tap Get Shortcut.

3) Tap the share button in any app

4) Swipe left on the bottom row of icons until you reach More. Tap on More button. In youtube, you’ll need to do this twice.

5) Turn on the switch next to shortcuts

6) Tap share while watching a Youtube video

7) Now, select Shortcuts

8) Tap download Youtube

9) The file will be downloaded

10) Click on Save to Photo Album

11) Your video is in the Photos App!

How to download Youtube videos on iPhone and Android legally?

And now, it’s time for the safest and the only legal way to download youtube videos. The only completely safe and legitimate way to download Youtube videos on iPhone or Android is with a Youtube Premium Subscription. Once you pay for the Youtube Premium, it would be a simple one-click download option for you. You can download the videos at a staggering 1080p resolution, an upgrade from 720p you get by using third-party tools. However, it would cost you $11.99 per month or $9.99 if you had Youtube Red subscription. The good news is you no longer need to sit thorugh the annoying Youtube ads waiting for the skip ad button to appear.

Frederick Parker