Beat Your Kids’ Boredom This Summer with Fun Summer Activity Suggestions

Having your kid’s home this summer should not be something you dread. If you do dread it it’s probably because they get in your way while you’re trying to clean up, work, or just run errands. Kids usually get really bored during the summers because they’re on summer break and their parents are working therefore their fun is very limited to inside of the house or at somebody’s else’s house where they stay while you work. If you’re looking for ways to entertain your kids this summer and you want some low cost ideas then keep on reading this article.

Low-cost ideas for kids summer breaks are endless. There is literally numerous ways that they can have fun while doing activities at home that cost little or no money at all. The following ideas below are just some of them. You should not limit yourself to these but definitely mention them to your kids and maybe even the neighborhood friends.

– Have fun in the yard with sprinklers and watermelon: This is great, especially if you get hot summers in your area. Having a sprinkler going outside and letting your kids get wet in it while maybe playing tag and listening to music can certainly be entertaining. Let them have some friends over and take out some of the water guns that are stored away in the garage for them to play with, a water slide, and even some balls for them to play around with. Once they seem tired out you should take out a bowl of watermelon for them to munch on. You will not have to worry about them getting all sticky because they’ll be in the water. Watermelon is great for water fun!

– Make a neighborhood sports team: If your kids are really into sports then maybe you should consider letting them form their little sports team with the neighborhood kids. This could have them occupied and entertained the whole summer. All they need is to gather all their sports equipment with the rest of the other kids and find a nice spot to play. If they like baseball then the street is perfect as long as there’s a chaperon, if they like other games then they can look to someone who has the space and equipment at their house to play. Most parents will agree that this is great for kids as it allows them to not be bored, to get to build long lasting friendships, and even get workouts in daily. Make sure to provide enough refreshments for them and a lot of healthy snacks. They’ll be really thirsty and starving at all times after such strenuous activity.

– Visit the library: If you have a kid who doesn’t like to be outside or if you have a kid who is just more interested in books ands school than on sports and outdoor activities then the library is the place where you want them to be this summer. At most public libraries you can get your kids a free library card or some are less than ten dollars and then your kids can check out unlimited amounts of books to take home this summer. They can also just hang out there at the kid’s center which has computers that they can use, supervision by staff, and even activities and book readings. They can also meet up there with friend and then be picked up at a later time. They can take their backpacks with them maybe with some lunch which they can eat outside in a bench or something. This is great!

– Go online to play games, get printable, and even start a project: Now this might not sound so fun to some kids, but if you set up your kiddo with a gaming account at maybe or at and you surf around with them you are sure to have them entertained at the computer for hours. There are many printables also that can be coloring book pages, cut and paste activities, and even activities pages which will allow your kids to have more activities to do this summer.

If you were looking for great summer ideas for kids to stay entertained close to home and at a low-cost I hope that you found this article helpful!



Frederick Parker