How to Get Around and Have Fun in Argentina

Getting a vacation on such a time as now when all of the economy is down? You might think this is not possible. But, given enough research and much determination, it is easy to take on other options for a getaway from all the stress of daily life.

With the tight budget, your options are focused on less expensive destinations. One of these is South America, specifically Argentina. And with the thought of this country comes a gazillion, more interesting things ranging from great beef to beautifully intoxicating women to Tango music. Another very famous thing in Argentina is soccer, which the locals fondly refer to as futbol. There are great wines and the source of yerba mate. And no one can forget the infamous Evita Peron. All these and more are sure to spark one’s interests on this Spanish-speaking country in the south.

When in Argentina, there is an endless number of places not to miss out on.

The first destination should be the capital which is Buenos Aires. This is the 3rd largest city in South America and is a good example of the contrasting sides of people’s living conditions. Luxurious and rich abodes are abundant in the city that it can easily make a tourist think of Paris. On the other parts of the city, however, slums are growing rapidly. Despite this, the city prides itself for a very rich culture. It houses a world-famous opera, an important theater district and a vast and exciting culinary experience to partake in. The food choices in the city have become quite varied as the influence of Italian and Spanish immigrants have conquered the city in many ways. The city of Buenos Aires is a good location to find best paella, pasta and pizza, all in one place.

After Buenos Aires, one can choose from: (1) the mountain region and wine country, (2) the waterfalls in the Mesopotamic region, close to the Brazilian border, (3) the northwest region close to Bolivia, (4) Central Pampa and (5) the southern Patagonia.

Patagonia is a must for every tourist in Argentina. The land in the region is actually shared with Chile, but there are several options to go to on the Argentine portion. One can go directly to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. Being the southernmost city in the world, it is endowed with natural resources that are attractive for locals and tourists alike. Another good option is the big city of Bariloche in the Rio Negro province. There are great hotels and food in this area. A lot of high school seniors visit the place for ski trip right before graduation. Smaller towns in Argentina such as Villa La Angostura, El Boslon and San Martin de los Andes are charming enough to attract tourists. Most of the people in these rural areas are quite warm and welcoming, making the visit more worth it. It is important to take note of the winter season which starts around June.

Another must-see is the Iguazu Falls in the province of Misiones. It has one of the greatest drops in the world. The possibility of crossing over to the Brazilian side is also an enticing opportunity. One should not forget to prepare the visas and necessary documentations for such a thing.


Frederick Parker