Gulf Beach in Milford, CT is Fun

At Gulf Beach in Milford, CT you will have so much that you will not want to leave. Keep in mind that to access this beach it is free, no fees, so right off the bat that sounds really good. When you get to the Gulf Beach you will want to arrive early or later in the afternoon to avoid traffic. By going later in the afternoon many people will be leaving to go home for dinner so you will get a good spot.

Once you are there get ready for some fun in the sun. There is an access pier at Gulf Beach and you will some fantastic pictures of the views on there. Be sure that you have your camera and your binoculars handy. You will really need them. When you are on the access pier you will be able to do some fishing, which is nice way to spend some time and you will also have a great view of Charles Island. There are also walking trails if you want to take a stroll when you are at the Gulf Beach. You will really relax and enjoy yourself in so many ways when you are on this beach, so have a great time.

On this beach there are restrooms for your convenience and there are picnic areas and a concession stand for when you get hungry. Packing a picnic is always a good idea when you are going to the beach and then if you need anything else you can stop at concession stand and get it. It will be something that you will like having on a beach, so use it if you want to.

There is a lot to do when you are at Gulf Beach and you will also want to bring along all your beach gear. Include a kite and other things to make your day complete. Do not forget the suntan lotion, sunglasses and your sun hat and umbrella if you need one. You will have an exceptional time, so make sure that you plan it into your day and have fun with all there is to do when you are at the Gulf Beach in Milford, CT. Everyone in your group will have a wonderful time when you are visiting this beach, so make the very most of the time that you will have there. It will be a great afternoon.


Frederick Parker