Shopping for Dad Can Be Just as Fun!

Father’s Day can be a day to spend some time with dad and it really should be a day to catch up, and feel connected with one’s father. It is typical to get dad another tie, some new cologne or some more socks, which is all meant well but it would be a nice idea to celebrate Father’s Day in a more upbeat or non-traditional fashion. Teenagers have a lot of energy to give to dad so I thought maybe some of these ideas would work for teens to spend with dad this year.

A good way to start the day would be to make dad his favorite breakfast, maybe get some special gourmet coffee to add a kick to the breakfast. Eggs, pancakes, omlets, sausages, and hashbrowns are just a few favorites for breakfast and can be really fun to make too. I am sure any dad would appreciate the most important meal of the day from his teens.

Think back to what your dad was needing or really needed done, maybe just around the house, such as some yard work or fixing a little something could be a way to help take the load of dad for father’s day. Then after you have finished your completed project you can show dad your hard work for father’s day. For example if the yard is in need of some new plants or some new planted grass, why not make a trip to the nursery and help the problem? Dad cannot do everything, so even a little task like raking the leaves or tiding up the lawn could really help out instead of just buying dad a leaf blower or rake.

Another good idea is to give DAD a spa day; it seems as though teenage girls get all the pampering and dad deserves a chance to relax too. You could make your own foot-bath at home with epsom salts and products bought from the drug store to start with. Then maybe take dad to the barber-shop to get a trim around the edges, while you are out, go get him a basic manicure and some ice cream too! It will be fun to see dad in the position that he teenage girls face when it is time to primp.

If your really want to get dad a nice tie then at least get creative with it. Make a collage out of his old ties and frame them; or you could actually buy a fabric that your dad would personally like, for example if he like frogs, make him his own frog tie, it would have a more personal touch then any old tie.

Finally I think that dad deserves to listen to his favorite tunes on his day also. It would be nice to maybe give dad a CD with all of his favorites so he will have them all together and can pop the CD in his car. He would not have to search for his Beatles or Hendrix since the CD could be burnt to have several songs from various artist. CDs can be bought at local office supply stores and in the electronic sections of retailers like Walmart and Target.

These are just a few ideas to help teens out when deciding what to do or get for dad on Father’s day. These ideas, from cooking breakfast to yardwork to spa manicures to personal art/ties and a some music will all satisfy dad 100%, they are economical and will be fun to partake in for teens. Not only will it show dad your appreciation but it will also be a great bonding experience as well!


Frederick Parker