Mountain Fun Game Center

As college students, my husband and I are constantly looking for places that are affordable and fun at the same time. We have two toddlers so it is very hard to find a place that we can all enjoy or where our kids can run around without worrying about being loud. There are a lot of parks around Provo where we can take the kids but sometimes we just get tired of the sun, or the cold if it is winter, and even if we don’t get tired of being out, Utah’s weather sometimes forces us to look for indoor activities.

In our search for indoor fun, we found a place that we really like located in the University Mall in Orem. Mountain Fun Game Center is a place full of games for parents and kids to play. It is a little pricey if you go from Tuesday to Saturday, but Mondays are made for families. In addition, the games available are not the classic oldies but they have a huge variety of modern and innovated options.

If you go on a Monday afternoon, they have a deal where buy a $10 card and they give you a card with 20 games completely free. The interesting thing that makes this deal worth it, it that the 20 games include any game in the entire place, including the really pricey ones like deal or no deal that normally cost $2. If you play deal or no deal 20 times or another $2 game, by the end of the night you will have received $40 worth of playtime “FREE”.

Another fact that makes this a good deal is the fact that you do collect tickets from the games you play with your free card. It is very easy to earn a lot of them in many of the machines so it is very possible that you will end up with more than 400 tickets at the end of the night.

I know what you are thinking “What is the point of having tickets if the prices that you can get in arcades are lame?” In Mountain Fun, the have a big variety of prices that you can get with your tickets. Many little toys, candy, balls, tea sets for mom, and lots more. Your kids will enjoy seeing all the goodies they can get and will not cry when it is time to leave because they will be distracted with their fun little souvenir.

Mountain Fun Game Center
575 University Pkwy Suite M220 Orem
Orem, UT 84097


Frederick Parker