How to Enjoy a Cold Beer: Fun Things to Do with Beer

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America and the world at large love affair with beer dates back 4000 years before Jesus Christ was born.

Before the 1800’s beer was better known as Ale, this is also when the modern era of brewing of bottled beer began.

This article does not delve into the history of beer, it is more so a fun guide on how to enjoy a cold beer, and the fun things to do with beer that will enhance your taste buds, in addition to creating memorable beer recipes.

Domestic and Imported beers have evolved throughout the years, and have gotten much better by means of brewing techniques, in addition to microbreweries. It does not matter if you are about the town or entertaining guest; enjoying a cold beer does not have to be the everyday run of the mill alcoholic beverage. Within this article I will list some creative ways on how to enjoy a cold beer, and hopefully any one reader that browses through this article will come to appreciate the many ways a cold beer can be enjoyed.

Zest of Life: To spice up your cold beer, I recommend a frozen tall beer glass first and foremost. A pinch or two of bitters is a great way to spice up any cold beer.

A Touch of Heaven: For the ultimate rush, add a teaspoon of Roses Lime Juice, and 1 thin slice of lemon and lime to a 24oz. frosted mug or tall beer glass.

A Walk on the Wild Side: For those beer drinkers, who wish to add a little bold flavor to a Yuengling beer, add 1 slice of lemon, 1 slice of lime, and a slash of ginger ale. Preferably, the darker ales make a better choice; the flavor is a wonderfully extraordinary experience.

Sweet Desire: For fruit lovers, raspberries, dried cranberries, and blackberries add a new dimension of taste to a beer. The first time that I experimented with this, it was actually by accident. On one particular summer weekend, by mistake, a couple raspberries feel into my Michelob beer while I was making a fruit salad for my family and friends. I decided to leave the raspberries in the beer, lo and behold, the taste was simply wonderful, and yes, I did eat the fruit after I finished my brew. Any one of the three fruits can be added directly to a tall glass of beer, the fruits will accommodate any beer, and it is a fun way to enjoy a cold beer.

Hope these cold beer drink recommendations liven up your beer drinking experience, cheers to a new year of enjoying a cold beer during any time of the year.


Frederick Parker