Swing Around Fun Town Lots of Fun

Swing Around Fun Town Lots of Fun

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Swing Around Fun Town is a great place to take your kids to and enjoy a relaxing Saturday afternoon. There is an endless amount of things to do and have fun at Swing Around Fun Town.

First they have go karts which you can ride. They have the fastest and longest track in the St. Louis Area with the new models. The go kart track is very large and it takes you under and over bridges. They have single seat go karts, and double seat go karts for moms and dads with children. The track is located outside and open during the winter but the temperature must reach 50 degrees for them to be in operation. The go karts are lots of fun and well safety equipted. And then if you have a child who is 3-8 years old then they can enjoy themselves on the kiddie karts. The kiddie karts is made just for the children themselves to drive without a parent present in the kart. The track and karts are specially designed for younger children with safety in mind and well monitored.

And then outside there is also Bumper Boats you can enjoy yourselves on. With a giant bumper boat pond you there is enough room to enjoy yourself. And in the warm months there is also a large fountain in the middle of the pond which will shoot out water over an person pushed under it. Bumper boats are great for every member of the family.

If you are into playing miniture golf then this is the place for you . Swing Around Fun Town has three professionally designed courses in which you can challenge your self on. There is never a wait to golf because of having three golf courses.

Now if you like to swing away in batting cages then they also have them for you as well. The batting cages have both baseballs and softballs so boys and girls can practice. The ball speeds range from 35-80 mph, you pick your setting and just swing away and have fun. The batting cages are located outside and in order for them to be in operation it must reach 50 degrees outside.

Now inside they also have lots of fun things to do as well. You can enjoy yourself with the brand new addition of Bowlingo bowling lanes. And for little children they have a soft playground tunnels and slides fun and safe for children even during the cold winter months. And then you could enjoy yourself by playing jump shot basketball. A whole new way to play basketball with a trampoline and totally safe and lots of fun. And then they have a large arcade area with 80 games for you to enjoy. Swing Around Fun Town is a great place to enjoy yourself and have lots of fun.


Frederick Parker