Beach Fun Using a Roll of Streamers and a Sprig of Artificial Flowers for a Centerpiece for Your Table

When you are at the beach and planning an outing you will want to make sure that you table looks nice. It makes a huge difference when you are working so hard to cook your food and when you have a great looking table it really make a difference. Enjoy the water, the sand, the sun and the fun when you are picnicking at the beach.

Here are some great ideas to make your table look great and with items that you probably already have sitting around in your home. For these ideas you will need some rolls of streamers. Yellow, blue and green are great beach colors and will give your table the outdoor feel. You will also need some sprigs of artificial flowers or small artificial palm trees.

To make these great centerpieces for your table or to put around your beach blanket you will need to set the streamer rolls down flat. Inside the hole in the center you will want to put the artificial flowers or palm trees. These make the cutest little centerpieces and they are really inexpensive and easy to make. You can still use the streamers later when you have a party or need to decorate for an outing, but in the meantime you can put them to use as centerpieces when you are at the beach or elsewhere for a picnic.

Other tips for great tables at a beach picnic or other even is to have the plastic reusable tablecloths. You can either wipe them off and save them for another time or you can reuse them, too. It is often a good idea to have a place matte at each person’s setting because it will make clean up a lot easier. Try and use as many paper products and throw away utensils and other items that you can. This also makes for easy clean up and less to carry back to the car after your picnic. Another great idea for a picnic on the beach or outing is to bring some fancy glasses for a cheers. At the beginning of the meal it is always nice to cheers the cooks and the gatherers so bring some along. Just make sure to wash them out before you transport them back home. You will also want to bring pretty baskets to put things such as buns, plates and utensils in. These also help to dress up your table and keep things organized. Use old Easter baskets and tie
pretty ribbons around the handles. Put chips and other snacks in them, too. Get creative, so that you not only enjoy your time at the beach, but the time you sit at the table eating your meal. It makes it all the more enjoyable.

Having a picnic is always wonderful. Most picnics are held during the warmer months, but don’t forget that all year long you can and should enjoy a picnic. Keep your picnic basket in your car and then you can have one just about anytime of the year.


Frederick Parker