Idaho City, Idaho Can Be a Fun and Cheap Family Vacation Destination

For many families around the country, vacation plans are being seriously affected by the soaring costs of gas. For a family planning any type of road trip, the portion of the budget set aside for fuel costs must be nearly double what they would have been just a year ago. This means there is significantly less money left over for visits to amusement parks or family resorts. Finding an inexpensive alternative to the more traditional vacation destinations, could mean the difference between whether or not a family is able to take a vacation at all. Add some educational benefit to that vacation, and your next family trip could be even better!

The state of Idaho is home to many locations which offer both an inexpensive and an educational destination to a family on vacation. One of these locations is the historical town of Idaho City. Idaho City is one of Idaho's oldest towns, and although it is commonly thought of as a "ghost town" today, this tiny town is home to approximately 500 residents. Many of the original structures still stand including homes, businesses, and even a courthouse that is still used. Many of these businesses and historical buildings are open to the public, making Idaho City a very educational place for a family to explore. Idaho City is also an incredibly inexpensive family vacation destination, as there is no admission price charged to enter the town or any of its historical buildings.

Take a leisurely self-guided tour up and down the streets of Idaho City, exploring the structures -many of which were built during the mid to late 1800's. Idaho City was a gold rush town that got its start while the Civil War raged in the Eastern Portion of the country. Choosing a visit to this inexpensive and educational destination is like taking a step back in time. Walking up and down the tiny streets makes it possible for visitors to really imagine what this boom town was like more than 100 years ago. Don't forget to make your way up to Pioneer Cemetery, a truly historical site, with many graves dating back to the time of the Civil War. Walking through Pioneer Cemetery offers an educational experience not easily found in many parts of the country, and is as inexpensive as it gets, as there is no admission fee.

There are restaurants and a hotel in Idaho City. Although if your vacation budget is really tight, there are campgrounds very close by. These are primitive campgrounds, charging only a very small fee (well under $20 per night).

Getting to Idaho City is easy. From Boise, take Highway 21 East for approximately 35 miles. This is a beautiful mountain drive, complete with a gently flowing river and occasional glimpses of local wildlife. This is a very well maintained highway.

For more details and contact information about this inexpensive and educational family vacation destination, check out Idaho City's Chamber of Commerce website.


Frederick Parker