Hard Work and Fun is Involved to Be a Movie Extra

For several months now, I've been taking on acting projects, some with speaking roles and some as an extra. From television to movies, you can't go wrong! With three movie projects under my belt so far, I'm ready to take on more – at least after I've shared my own experiences with others.

Whenever wanting to be an extra, you first have to do your homework. Oddly enough, while I worked for On Location Casting on the show "Nashville," Ray Liotta came by set. I asked why he was in town, and found out he was filming The Identical. A little online research later (including Facebook), and I managed to contact the extras casting department.

The movie itself filmed for about two months, and I filmed for about four days; some of those days well over twelve hours. Filming isn't the easiest. From the long sign in process, to wardrobe, to makeup and hair, the days were long. Pay wasn't the greatest, and some days we filmed in thirty degrees weather and constantly on our feet in heels.

Despite all this, I had a good time. I had the pleasure of meeting Seth Green and many of the other actors. I also got to work with other actor friends of mine. Plus, I picked up several contacts for future projects.

I've also filmed in 11 Seconds and Devil's Damned To Try; both found on Craigslist. With Devil's Damned a small crew, instead of having to wait in a separate area for hours away from the main actors, we actually waited together. The longest wait time between scenes one time was around six hours. The worst part is redoing a two minute scene over and over for two hours to get it right!

To anyone wanting to become a movie extra, you should try it at least once. You will definitely have more respect for what it takes to make an actual movie. Yes, the hours to work are long and not always the greatest, but you get to meet fantastic people. Plus, I've worked with some extras that got noticed on set and were cast for speaking roles later on. Always do your research for any project. Great extras casting groups are On Location Casting and Atlanta Extras. Many extras casting companies can be found on Facebook. Remember to follow the rules while on set, but above all, have fun!


Frederick Parker